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I have slain the fruit flies! VICTORY!!!
Kate's fool-proof guide to defeating ALL the fruit flies
Step one: Put a bunch of cut-up grapes and some honey water in an old jar, plus a few drops of soap to disturb the water surface so they can't land on it
Step two: Saran wrap the top (or secure a ziploc bag over top with a hair band, I mean it's basically the same right?)
Step three: Poke a bunch of tiny holes in the plastic with a fork (CAUTION: DO NOT MAKE HOLES TOO CLOSE TO THE RIM OF THE JAR they are smart enough to finagle their way out of these)
Step four: Wait.
Step five: Repeatedly observe a metric fuckton of flies resting on top of the plastic. Devise new plan. Trap them with a plastic grocery bag and release the devils outside.
Step six: Repeat new plan at least twice. You will look really strange running out of your dorm building holding a shopping bag over a jar of goop. Embrace it.
Step six: Finally get tired of having this jar of gunk sitting on your counter and become relatively satisfied with the decrease in fruit fly numbers even though you didn't see that many in your jar when you emptied it twice before. Go to pour out gunk in sink. Realize that there are like 60 fly corpses drowned in your syrupy death trap. Rejoice.

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No one took the compost scraps out before Thanksgiving break, and now our apartment has been invaded by a swarm of fruit flies.

It feels like they're all over me, no matter where I go.

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Writer's Block: Bone-chilling birthday wishes

It's Stephen King's birthday! Who is your favorite character from one of his books?


Something I find interesting when I'm reading his works is that I don't become attached so much to the characters as I become completely immersed in the plot. And Stephen King doesn't even write with plot in mind, not really. It just happens. That's probably why I love him so much; his writing has an organic quality that is absolutely fantastic.

That is all.

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I decided that today was laundry day, so I've brought my clothes down to the basement and I'm camped out here with my laptop, and I feel like Queen of the Laundry Room because I've helped a girl figure out how to wash a towel (yeah, college!) and helped another girl decide how to get her stuff dry while all of the dryers are filled (hint: half of these people's clothes have been sitting here for longer than an hour and the folding table has alllll this extra room)

That is all. :)
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2010, you've been a really strange year.

The first sentence of the first entry for every month this year, yeah, that thing:

This is the first new year I've been excited and hopeful and grateful and happy for, I think.

[01:09] Susan: I miss hanging out with you all the time.

[There is no "March" in my archives because I was observing ~Lent]

40 days and 40 nights sans internet, and all I have to say is that there is a reason I lived on the internet.

I feel absolutely terrible.

After one of our IB exams, we all went out to Chipotle and Starbucks.

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Sunday, February 21, 2010,
and sent via FutureMe.org

I'm going to make a proper My Trip To Bermuda! post soon, I swear, but I am currently passing through my PMSing phase where I hate everyone and everything and am generally a giant downer, and I do not want to tinge such a post with bitter hormonal issues!

I broke up with Ross over the weekend.

"Facebook status
Ross: My friend is playing guitar, I'm stretched out on an overstuffed sofa, and I'm lonely. I know you'll never read this but I still catch myself missing you. What happened, kiddo?"

I know I haven't been updating too much recently--I'm torn between taking a brief hiatus to sort out Real World Issues and completely burying myself in the internet as to avoid Real World Issues.

I want to send out Christmas cards!